Kjeld Sorensen (Red Hat)

Kjeld Sorensen is relatively new to pipe making, having begun his studies in the art and craft in the 1990s and becoming a full time pipe maker in 2003. Before this time he worked for 25 years as an economist in his native Denmark. Like many folks who work only with their minds Kjeld ached to create with his hands. Being a pipe smoker Kjeld was drawn to developing his skills in the making of smoking pipes, and he was able to work with fine teachers of this craft in his native land.

Kjeld is non-discriminatory in his choice of briar, obtaining it from both Greece and Italy. Material for mouthpieces is German vulcanite, although Kjeld has been known to use both horn and plexiglas on occasion. His style is an interesting one, with obvious Danish influences but also some of the Japanese. Grading is by the numbers- from one to eight.

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