A unique hand-made container that can hold over two ounces of ribbon-cut pipe tobacco in each of its four sections. Please read the following in order that you may ensure full and proper use of the container:

The Cunningham Tobacco Jar has a unique sealing system- composed of an outer seal surrounding each quadrant lid and a clear acrylic presser within. Use each of the four pressers in order to maintain maximum tobacco freshness. Each presser is meant to rest on top of the tobacco and in so doing to keep moisture-robbing air away. If the pressers are not used the tobacco within will dry out much more rapidly.

Each quadrant cover has a section on which you may record whatever blend is housed within. Please use a water-soluble marker (not included) to record. In this way your recording can be erased with a wet paper towel whenever the blend within is changed. Never use a permanent marker, as this can not be erased.

Each of the four quadrants can be placed and used separately if need be. Please insure that the bottom of each piece is fitted with at least three small felt protective pads (not included) before placing the piece on delicate furniture. The same holds true for the plate housing the four quadrants.

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