Cunningham Tobacco Jar

The Cunningham Tobacco Jar was first conceptualized early in 2002 and took over three years of developmental work before production began. The idea behind the jar was that, because there are so many pipe smokers who try diverse blends and smoke various tobaccos during different parts of the day or night, a common storage point for more than one tobacco was something to be sought after. So many folks use Mason jars to store tobacco and, although they work well, the tobacco within has to be kept from the light and aesthetically the jars themselves are not exactly pleasing. Most pipe smokers would prefer to have a handsome ceramic container holding four favorite blends within reach at all times. But even for those few who prefer to keep different tobaccos in different parts of the house the Cunningham Tobacco Jar is the answer in that the jar is composed of four separate quadrants, each resting on a common bottom plate. Any or all of the quadrants can be moved throughout the house at any time.

Each Cunningham Tobacco Jar is completely hand made by a small firm in Colorado. As described above, the jar itself is composed of four separate quadrants each resting on a common bottom plate. Each quadrant is capable of storing over three ounces of a ribbon-cut blend (and more if the tobacco is a flake or plug).

The sealing system of the Cunningham Tobacco Jar is quite unique in that it is based on a two-fold system, one of which is hundreds of years old. The outer lid of each quadrant houses an O ring which gives a good but slightly loose seal. Inside each quadrant, resting on top of the tobacco, is a presser, in this case a clear piece of acrylic cut to fit. Pressers were first used with pewter tobacco jars in the late 18th century, but fell out of favor with the advent of rubber gaskets. In designing and product testing the Cunningham Tobacco Jar it was found that, because the presser rests on top of the tobacco, freshness is maintained far longer than that of a container that has only a top seal; the reason being every time the container is opened to retrieve some tobacco the jar is then closed on a fresh supply of moisture-robbing air. With the presser resting securely on top of the tobacco the air can not get through to attack the blend.

Another unique feature of the Cunningham Tobacco Jar is that the cover of each quadrant has a dedicated place on which the user can, with a water soluble marker, note what tobacco is housed within; much easier than hazarding a guess or taping little pieces of paper to a Mason jar.

Suggested retail price $195


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