Company Info

R. D. Field, LLC. Sounds impressive, imposing even. It's nothing of the sort, as can be seen below.The company was begun in 1980 when David Field began to import (along with Rob and Pete Siegel of Marble Arch fame) the Radice pipe, then in its infancy after the Caminetto breakup. Soon after came the Becker (1981) and the Ashton (1983). In 1996 David went to work for Ashton Distributors, bringing the pipe brands along with him. Soon after,Il Ceppo came into the fold, and 1998 saw the appearance of the new brand Becker & Musico. Early in the year 2000 David went back on his own, forming a limited liability company. In 2002 David formed another company (J&J, LLC) with partner Marty Pulvers (former owner of Sherlock's Haven in San Francisco) and together they import the Italian brands Amorelli andMastro Beraldiand as well as the Danish brand Red Hatand the German brand Safferling.

Below are the principals involved in R D Field:

The Boss- has amassed a tremendous amount of trivial knowledge over the years, and is willing to expound on it with almost anyone.

The Brains- runs the company through osmosis.

The Mouthpiece- has clerked for Dewey, Cheetam, and Howe for 15 years. Has yet to make associate.

Chief of Security- runs amok through the warehouse at every opportunity.

2000-2017 R D Field, LLC