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I am only interested in making pipes that satisfy customers- Jorgen Larsen, May, 2004

Jorgen Larsen is a very old man, probably not long for this world. He has made pipes for 70 of his 95 years and, amazingly, although he can hardly walk, he can still carve. His pipes, what few there are, are strikingly Danish in design and will in no way be mistaken for the work of another. While we are lucky to have Jorgen Larsen in the fold we may not have him for long.

The above is an utter, bald-faced lie! Although he has been a pipe maker for 44 of his 65 years Jorgen Larsen looks to be around for quite awhile. Some of you may remember his Jorgen L brand, which was started in the 1960's, but more will recall seeing his work as the Peter Stokkebye pipe, beginning in the 1970's. Now, the Jorgen L brand is back!

Jorgen Larsen lives in a village of 600 people, Almind, Denmark- about 5 miles from Kolding, home of another famous Danish pipe maker, Kurt Balleby. Although the two men don't work together they occasionally share a bag of Corsican briar.

Jorgen's history in pipe making is an interesting one in that, aside from creating one of the first high grade Danish brands (the Jorgen L) and his 30 odd year association with Peter Stokkebye, he was also technical director for both Stanwell and Kriswell (though not at the same time). A slow and resourceful worker Jorgen crafts only about 100 pipes each year, with 40% of the work he starts ending up in his fireplace. 

Jorgen uses only one color for all his work, as opposed to many pipe makers who use multiple stains. The reason behind this is that this one color most clearly shows the grain while also showing that there are no defects which have been covered up in any manner. In addition each Jorgen L pipe develops a beautiful patina as it is smoked, enhancing its beauty even further.

Jorgen is the only pipe maker, to my knowledge, that will repair or make a new mouthpiece free of charge. The customer has only to pay for one-way mailing, as Jorgen will pay return postage.

Note: Because the production of Jorgen L pipes is so limited the number of dealers selected to carry this brand are few. Please go to the DEALER DIRECTORY to find a Jorgen L dealer.

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