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Each Barbi pipe is stamped with one of the following grades, indicating both graining of the wood and the degree of difficulty (time spent) in making the pipe. Thus a certain sandblast model might be more expensive than a smooth pipe requiring less labor.

CC - CB - CA - BC - BB - BA - AC - AB - AA - C - B - A - A0 - A1 - A2 - A3 - Ax (where x represents infinity)

Further, within each grade are price variations so, in effect, each Barbi pipe is individually priced. It is for this reason that a definitive price list can not be established- only that Barbi pipes start at $495.

The Rainer Barbi dating code
Now pay attention folks, for this gets a bit complex
A = 1997, B = 1998, C = 1999, D = 2000, E = 2001, F = 2002, G = 2003
The months from January to December of any given year are coded
Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T, S, R, P, N, M 
Z standing for January and M for December
Normally, the month is the first letter stamped and the year the second, but to quote Rainer: "...sometimes I made this in another way." 

Check out what myths Rainer Barbi debunks in
The Briar Saga
 (written for PIPE magazine, The Netherlands, 2001)

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For more information concerning Rainer and his work you can go directly to his web site by clicking here

Note: Because the production of Barbi pipes is so limited the number of dealers selected to carry this brand are few. Please go to the DEALER DIRECTORY to find a Barbi dealer.

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