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Considered by many to be the finest smoking pipe in the world
the ASHTON Pipe was born in 1983.

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All ASHTON pipes are truly made by hand, and each features a hand-cut mouthpiece made from the exclusive material Ashtonite, a unique blend of vulcanite and plexiglas. This material will not tarnish like vulcanite, yet is softer on the teeth than traditional plexiglas.

All ASHTON pipes undergo a rigorous oil curing process which drives resins, briar sap, and other impurities from the bowl of the pipe. The beneficial effects of this process include:
    1) a pipe that requires no breaking in
    2) a sweet nut-like flavor from the start
    3) a lighter pipe in comparison with air curing

The ASHTON Sovereign pipe is rare indeed, for out of every 100 flawless bowls that undergo the ASHTON oil curing process very few come out unscathed. For as the hot oil exudes from the bowl, bringing with it all manner of impurities. Sandspots are brought to the surface as well. 

The ASHTON Claret finish shows a deep red hue which, when smoked over time, develops a beautiful mahogany patina. Each Claret pipe is fitted with a sterling silver band or military mount at no extra charge.

The ASHTON PebbleGrain pipe is known throughout the world for its deeply etched sandblast and for its fine smoking properties. 

The ASHTON PebbleShell pipe undergoes unique processing for which William Ashton-Taylor received a British patent- the first British pipe maker in ages to do so. Many times a block of briar proves too dense to sandblast well. Bill has two choices here- to send the more shallow sandblasts to Europe where they are generally more highly prized than the craggy blasts so beloved by American pipe smokers, or to put in extra effort in making this dense block into a light and craggy looking pipe. Bill experimented for years before coming up with just the right process, which involves steam, rustication, oil, and sandblasting. Each PebbleShell pipe has the patent number stamped on the bottom of the shank.

The ASHTON Quaint series is the newest addition to the line. This series will perhaps remind some of pre-transition Barling Quaints made in the 1940's and 1950"s. But whereas Barling had rather simple carvings Ashton has taken the concept to another level with intricate yet traditional work that looks very British and yet will not be mistaken for any other brand.

All ASHTON pipes are reputed to smoke sweet as a nut.

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Above you see photos of two of the Ashton Pipe Company's old hands.
Bill handles every phase of pipe making, while Sid is a master bowl-turner.

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